Alliance Member Rankings

Rank User Role GCL Level Combined RCL Spawn Count
1 Kerillian member 1 0 0
2 Tyrant7 member 4 7 2
3 NeonCamouflage member 5 1 1
4 DroidFreak owner 18 143 53
5 Bezoka member 5 30 8

The CAT code of screeps ethics: Players should be...

1) Actively paying attention to the game

2) The author of their code, or putting significant effort into editing it

3) Welcoming to other players near them

As such, CAT is against zombies, NCPs, and aggressive killzones. Only players which conform to that code of ethics may join. Members will be enlisted to wage war against players which do not conform to that code of ethics, or in response to major aggression against other alliance members. Combat outside of the scope of that mandate is neither forbidden nor sanctioned.