thunderkittens (TK) Charter

thunderkittens (TK) was formed during the echoes of war. When two players found themselves on the brink of battle, an alliance was formed out of mutual respect for each other. It grew to become an egalitarian alliance, with no formal or rigid hierarchy, and a small handful of members.

We try not to make Screeps more serious than it needs to be. We play to have fun and improve our coding skills. Win or lose, our guiding principle is respect for each other and everyone else. We are always ready to shake hands and eat orange slices after a battle.

Who are we?

Reini Reini | @reiniroosh
taiga taiga | @taiga
Vervorris Vervorris | @vervorris
bonzaiferroni bonzaiferroni | @bonzai
SteeleR SteeleR | @steeler
ricane ricane | @ricane

Honorary Members:

Jeb Jeb | @jeb

How to join?

If you are interested in joining, ask the nearest TK member (or any member), either in-game or on Slack. We will ask you to perform a test involving either attacking or defending against one of us. The difficulty of the test will be scaled based on the candidate. If you are not within range, we may find a more suitable test.

We may not be able to accept a new member if they happen to be located in rooms that one of our members was intending to take. You shouldn't have to give up rooms to be in an alliance. The best way to handle this situation is to let the conflict happen naturally, perhaps you will successfully defend or perhaps you will lose your rooms. In the aftermath, if you still want to join, you'd have a very strong case.

What to expect?

A seat at the Round Table

We sit at a round table, where everyone is considered equal. We discuss things openly with each other, and make decisions after finding common ground with each other.

KISS when dealing with politics

We consider ourselves on good terms with other alliances unless there is evidence to the contrary. We do not make non-aggressive pacts (NAPs) with alliances, as we feel this puts non-allied players at a disadvantage and can lead to stagnation. If we are at war with someone in an alliance, we will not target other members of that alliance unless they become involved themselves.

Have a touch of the Orc mentality

We all get busy from time to time. If you think you'll be gone for longer than a few weeks, give some sort of notice so we can work out some arrangements, otherwise active members of the alliance may repurpose your rooms, as there is no room for zombies in thunderkittens.