Our Goals

  1. Prevent the spreading of NCPs (Non-Coding Players) and keep the center of shard3 clear of them.
  2. Introduce new players to the game and prevent them from becoming NCPs.
  3. Revitalize shard3's market.

Membership Levels

  1. Founder - KittyTack, the founder of CatCon.
  2. Member - Regular members.
  3. Protectorate - Players who pay the Founder or Members with credits/energy/power/XGH2O in exchange for protection.
  4. Associate - Players with treaties with Members or the Founder, but who are otherwise in a different alliance or are unaligned.


  1. As long as they are not helping NCPs or harassing new players without a good reason, Members are allowed diplomatic freedom.
  2. Any coding player may request Protectorate status. The price will be decided over Slack or in the in-game messager.
  3. Important inter-alliance diplomacy is done by all Members brainstorming a response over Slack.


Anyone can apply to join CatCon, just ask the Founder (KittyTack), or, if he previously said that he won't be able to access the computer for an extended period of time, ask a Member and we will verify your application.


  • Founder: KittyTack
  • Members: vijoc (also has an Economic Help Treaty with KittyTack), Tessaryn, XATEV
  • Protectorates:
  • Associates:

Treaty Types

  • Protectorate: The protectorate pays credits, energy, power, or XGH2O to the protector, in exchange for being protected from attack, or being avenged in case help does not come in time. Also grants the protectorate semi-membership.
  • Non-Aggression Pact (NAP): Both parties agree to not attack each other. Accidental attacks that are obviously accidental (like power harvesters accidentally pathing into a developing room and wrecking it) are forgiven, but the one responsible for the attack must pay reparations.
  • Economic Help Treaty: If a new player's economy is struggling, or a player-at-war's economy is struggling, it's possible to send them energy or boosts.
  • Defensive Pact: In face of danger, two players can agree to defend each other and coordinate attacks against the threat.


  • We do not accept Non-Coding Players.
  • All alliance members are expected to share resources in case of need.